Exercise bikes are the oldest form of fitness equipment.  The exercise bikes produces great fitness benefits, while going easy on the body's joints.  There are so many different exercise bikes on the market today, such as the Schwinn Aerodyne exercise bikes, the lifecycle exercise bikes, the recumbent exercise bikes.  Each exercise bike works in it's own way.  Then there is the newest type of bike called the Cateye Game bike. The Cateye Game bike allows the exercise bike user to get the fitness benefits, while enjoying and interactive workout.  Times have changed, and we now have exercise bikes that have TV's on the computer head boards.  There are exercise bikes that you can hook up a DVD player or an Xbox 360, through RCA ports  found on the exercise bike's head board.  Most important to the the customer is that the prices on the exercise bikes have come down a lot.  Exercise bikes come in three formats.  The first is the Recumbent exercise bikes, which allows the fitness user to sit back while doing their workout.  This type of bike is great for those who have a bad lower back.  The other type of exercise bike is the upright cycle.  The upright exercise bikes will feel like a real outdoor bikes, and therefore,  the heart and body work a little harder, due to the vertical style of riding. AFG makes great recumbent and upright exercise bikes.  Fitnex also makes great exercise bikes as well.  The third type of bike is the indoor indoor cycles bike.  This exercise bike is built to allow the user to stand up and ride the bike.  The Fitnex brand of indoor cycles bike are among the very best.  They have three indoor cycle bikes models to fit any budget.  BodyCraft has a very cool indoor cycles bike called the Tour Edition.  This bike allows the rider to sway the bike back and forth, just like a real out door bike.  BodyCraft's Tour edition indoor cycle bikes use more muscles than any other exercise bike on the market.  Call us at 843-636-3833 if you need help pick out just the right exercise bike for your needs. 

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exercise bikes and bikes for fitness use, chaep exercise bikes
exercise bikes and bikes for fitness use, chaep exercise bikes
exercise bikes and bikes for fitness use, chaep exercise bikes
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