Home Gym and Multistation Gym Reviews

Home Gym Reviews, are they real?  Most home gym review are not real, they are geared towards the sale of an item.  Our company has been testing home gyms for more then 30 years.  All the company's on the net did not ever exist when we started testing both home gyms and free weight gym systems.  A home gym is a gym, that normally has one weight stack or two.  A multistation home gym would have 2 or more weight stacks, with two or more places to work out on.  This in the past was called a universal gym system.  What makes a home gym good, is the construction of the home gym, the pulleys that the home gym uses, the cables that the home gym uses, The amount of exercise that can be done biomechanically correct (the way the body naturally moves).   This is very important in a home gym work out system. Not having a gym that work with your body well, will not produce the results you want.  This is why some many items sold on TV. do not work.  Most Home gym reviews do not go over any of the above criteria.  The best home gym in the market today's is the K-1 home gym from BodyCraft.  This home gym can do so much, and do it the right way, producing excellent results.  The best multistation for the home or office is the BodyCraft X4 home gym.  It can handle 4 people at the same time.  An remember if you place a home gym at a work place you can right it off as a business expense. If space is a problem then go with the BodyCraft  Xpress Pro, this gym will provide the results you want, while keeping the space you need to a minimum.  Now our Home gym review will look at the free weight home gyms.  Most of the free weight home gym system are made with intention of male use.  They require a lot of set up time, which takes a lot away from the work out.  There is however a safe and easy to use machine called the ProSpot Fitness home gym.  This is an amazing cross between the free weight system and the typical home gym systems.  The prospot Grab and Go system know when you hands are on the bar to release it. The built in lat machine has a lap hold down, this is missing on every other free weight home gym system, making most lat machine un useable.  Our home gym review is the only one of it's kind.   Thank you-  Fitness Equipment Inc., Inc 843-636-3833.  **The gyms with this mark are the best in the county.

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BodyCraft X4 Multistation Home Gym **






BodyCraft X2 Multistation Home Gym




BodyCraft K-2 Multistation Home Gym




BodyCraft K-1
Home Gym**

$2995.00 10.0 10.0 10.0

BodyCraft Xpress Home Gym


MultiSports MS-5000 Home Gym

$ 3495.008.2

BodyCraft Jones Home Gym &Cable Cross over Option


ProSpot SSG Advanced Home Gym**


10.0 10.010.0

BodyCraft Galena